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Intuitive Readings

Tarot readings by WMC founder, SJ

SJ is a lightworker, working with Spirit to bring healing and guidance from the higher realm. Using their insightful gifts of mediumship to bring you a truly insightful and resourceful reading.

Each reading is up to 30minutes - £222 or 50minutes - £333 and will take place on Zoom at a mutually arranged time.
"I invite you to take this journey with me to take a deeper look into the not so easily seen 'Knowing' of your soul energy. Together we can un-earth the blockages you are currently experiencing and get insightful information to help you heal, reflect and help you connect with and trust your inner compass. If you feel like you need guidance, introspection or more insight into areas of your life, then this is for you now. You will also have the opportunity to ask me questions at the end of your reading. 
I take my readings very seriously and ask, if you join me to please do so with an open mind and heart. I look forward to taking this journey together " -SJ x

To get on our waiting list for your reading please fill out your details in the form at the bottom of this page and someone will be in touch as soon as a reading slot becomes available!

Every month we are bringing you a FREE intuitive Tarot forecast for your zodiac sign.
This is a 10 Minute (ish) reading with insights into the month ahead, what to expect? -Lucky numbers, charms, maybe even names and advice on how to overcome any hurdles that may be coming up for you. We host the opportunity for you to ask a question and gain insightful answers through our crystal pendulum. Watch yours now on the link below:

(Make sure you check out your Moon and Rising signs too)!
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